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About Us

Daddy Rich’s is a full-service restaurant establishment currently located at 617 W. Oak Street, in the historic Old Louisville neighborhood. The restaurant features a full menu of moderately priced “soul” food items such as gourmet chicken wings, waffles, wraps, and much more.  Daddy Rich’s is owned and operated by R&B Team Investments,LLC. With more than a year under their belt preparing delicious chicken entrees for the city, R&B Team Investments are looking to spread their wings and take their business to the next level with the purchase and operation of a dine-in and online restaurant.

Our Mission:

Daddy Rich’s mission to all customers is simple. It will first provide a completely sophisticated, professional, and personable experience to all customers and visitors who allow us to prepare their food. We then promise hot and fresh quality food for all our customers on every occasion.  Our products will always remain affordable and at an attainable price. Lastly, Daddy Rich’s promises to always value our customers' time and will make sure one’s food is served to them within 12-15 minutes of them ordering.